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Locama provides upscale and exclusive concepts and inspiration for your brand collection, where you will benefit from a full range of quality home textile products: bedspreads, sheets, comforters, duvets, pillows, blankets, mattress covers, window coverings and bedding sets.

Design is always present
Development and Design
Our design team is based in Portugal and is a trend setter since it develops original products and concepts aimed at clients needs. From the raw concept to innovative packaging and merchandising solutions, Locama delivers unique home-textile approaches.
Portuguese Manufacturing
Made in Portugal
Locama is proud to be one of the most prestigious Portuguese home-textiles manufacturer. Our “Made in Portugal” products are recognized by both retailers and consumers. Manufacturing in Portugal allows us greater flexibility to respond to clients demand and to benefit from the creative and productive knowhow of decades of experience.
Quality comes first
Commitment to quality and compliance
At Locama, quality is present in all phases of the creative and production process. Our team works daily so that all the product that is sent exceeds the highest quality standards. Our priority is to comply with all quality requirements as well as with those requested by our clients.
Experience and trust
More than 75 years of knowhow...
Our clients trust us because we respond to their needs with innovation combined with our experience! We develop customized concepts and products that serve the purposes of differentiation for each client ensuring that its business is unique. From high-end branded programs to price-sensitive opening price point solutions, we can tailor a proposal that is the perfect fit for your business.



Locama has an impressive production capacity of 100 000 meters per month and is able to weave the following fabrics:

  • Bedspreads
  • Jacquard throws
  • Sheets
  • Shower curtains
  • Blankets
  • Table linen

The weaving can be made with 100% cotton or with mixtures of cotton with linen, polyester or viscose.



Heimtextil 2018 – Meet us there!

From 9​th​ to 12​th​ january, Locama will ​p​art​icipate in Heimtextil Frankfurt, ​the largest home-textiles exhibition in the world. ​A​lmost 3​.000 companies ​will be ​displaying their products [...]